Salzburg and the Hohensalzburg Fortress

Take a walk through the historic city center to visit the most important sites. At the end of the tour, treat yourself to a ride on the funicular up to the fortress for this breathtaking view.

An exciting tour through Salzburg and the Hohensalzburg Fortress

Salzburg is known for its picturesque scenery, rich history, and musical heritage. Located atop a hill overlooking the city, there crowns one of the city’s most famous landmarks, the over 900 years old and well-preserved Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Discover Salzburg’s rich history and charming atmosphere, a narrow pedestrian street lined with historic buildings and shops, the Salzburg Cathedral, and the St. Peter District on the way to the best view overlooking Salzburg from the fortress bastions.

Tour highlights:

  • Mirabell Garden
  • Getreidegasse
  • Mozart’s Birthplace and Residence
  • Farmers Market
  • University square
  • Salzburg Festival District
  • St. Peter District and cemetery
  • Salzburg Dom
  • Residence square
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg

And much much more!

Why this tour?

Salzburg and the Hohensalzburg Fortress are must-see destinations for anyone interested in history, culture, music, art, and beautiful scenery. Stunning architecture, the home of the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, the Salzburg Cathedral, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the Fortress Hohensalzburg, which is one of the most popular attractions, all make Salzburg an enchanting destination for those seeking a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Important details:

Tour time: Please inquire regarding our guides’ availability. Normally we have enough guides to be flexible for you.
Duration: The tour lasts approximately 3 hours.
Guide: One of our awesome Salzburg guides is looking forward to meeting you. More information will be sent via email.
Children: This tour is excellent for children who love stories, secrets and history.
Accessibility: This tour is not wheelchair accessible unfortunately.
What to wear: Comfortable shoes! Also, always check the weather forecast in advance to make sure you are dressed properly.

Tour conditions:

Minimum number of participants: We offer private customised tours for individual groups, families, or companies. We can adjust and alter the tour according to your interest. Simply let us know in case you have specific requestes or wishes.

Private group size: 1-max. 20 people. If there are more than 20 participants, we will divide the group into two and organize a guide to lead the second group.

This Salzburg walking tour is perfect for families of 2 – 6 people.

Cancellation policy: You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours in advance. We won’t be able to refund those who cancel less than 48 hours before the tour. Naturally we do recognise certain exceptions such as emergency situations. Please note, we reserve the right to cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance too. We will do so if our guide is unavailable due to a sudden change or if we do not have the minimum number of participants required for the tour.

Pictures and videos: Please be aware that we might take photos and videos during the tour. If you don’t want to appear in any Secret Vienna promotional pictures, please let us know by sending us a message.

Copyrights: Our licensed tour guides worked hard on this unique Salzburg tour. We kindly ask you to not record the tour or take pictures of artefacts or material without the guide’s explicit permission.

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