Explore Salzburg with Public Transportation

Here’s how you can move around in Salzburg via public transportation

Austria is known for its fantastic public transportation and Salzburg isn’t an exception. If you’re visiting the city and want to get around, our recommendation is to explore Salzburg with public transportation. In this blog article you will learn how.

Buses, Trams, BusTaxis and the Night Star

Salzburg offers trams which run every 10 minutes during the day. Moreover there are normal buses which run every 15 minutes, except during the summer season. During the months of July and August, there’s a more specific time schedule. As for transportation at night, there are (a) the NachtStern (Night Star), a bus system which operates on Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays. Another option (b) is the BusTaxi which will bring you back safely for just EUR 4.50. For the latest  information on the Night Star and BusTaxi, please refer to Salzburg AG’s site.

Buying public transportation tickets

You can buy tickets at all Kiosks around town (known locally as Trafik) or from ticket machines. A single ticket costs EUR 2.10. The 24-hour ticket costs 5 euros for adults and 2.50 euros for children. It is a particularly convenient and affordable option to go around the city for a whole day. However, if you’re planning on staying in Salzburg for more than 4 days then a week-long ticket would be more advisable. It is important to  note that all tickets bought in advance have to be validated upon first use.

You may be also interested in the Salzburg Card, which is a considerably attractive deal. The card has a validity period of 24 hours for about 30 euros and ranges up to 72 hours for around 45 euros. Besides the public transport discounts that the card offers, it comes with a one-time free admission to all the touristic attractions in the city.


There is an abundance of taxis in Salzburg and they are quite reliable, especially if returning to the hotel at night. They can usually be found mostly around the Old Town and Hauptbahnhof. There are different companies operating taxis but the meters. The price generally starts at 4 euros and increases by about 1 euro per kilometer travelled. Travelling via taxis in Austria is definitely a safe option as drivers are usually nice and reliable.

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