Our Favorite Luxury Hotels in Salzburg

Here are our most recommended luxury hotels in Salzburg

Salzburg, a city of music and history, boasts some exquisite luxury hotels. Here are our top picks for the most opulent, lavish accommodations that cater to the discerning tastes of wealthy guests.

Hotel Sacher Salzburg:

Overlooking the Salzach River, this hotel epitomizes traditional elegance and luxury. Famous for its exquisite décor and exceptional service.

Hotel Sacher Salzburg

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Schloss Mönchstein Hotel:

A fairytale castle hotel, offering panoramic city views and world-class amenities. Perfect for those seeking royal treatment.

Schloss Mönchstein Hotel

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Hotel Goldener Hirsch:

A blend of rich history and modern luxury, located in the heart of the Old Town. Its authentic, unique charm is unmatched.

Hotel Goldener Hirsch

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Bristol Hotel Salzburg:

Renowned for its classical style and luxurious atmosphere. Located near Mirabell Palace, it offers a refined experience.

Bristol Hotel Salzburg


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Sheraton Grand Salzburg:

This hotel offers a contemporary take on luxury. Its location adjacent to Mirabell Gardens ensures stunning views.

Sheraton Grand Salzburg

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Boutique Hotel Auersperg:

A family-run hotel with a focus on personalized luxury. Its beautiful garden and rooftop terrace add to the charm.

Hotel & Villa Auersperg


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Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron:

This historic palace offers an exclusive, private atmosphere. Its opulent rooms and scenic location are truly breathtaking.

Hotel Schloss Leopoldskron

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Each of these luxury hotels in Salzburg promises an unforgettable stay with their unique blend of opulence, history, and top-notch service. We’ve also shared a similar article about boutique hotels in Salzburg which we recommend checking out as well.

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